Smiley Spesiale Skin Contact 2017

The Spesiale is 2 barrels of 100% 20-day skin contact Chenin blanc from younger (17 year old) Paardeberg vineyards. No sulphur added at all, no fining or filtering and certainly no yeast! The wine was left in old French oak barrel for 15 months before bottling, only topped up and nothing added during elevage. Pretty straight forward stuff to be honest.

The “Spesiale” will be a label that will highlight the Smiley components individually or allow us to be even more experimental with small batch releases. Only 650 bottles made

Tasting notes: mandarin, clove, aniseed, ginger, cedar wood, Szechuan peppercorns and jasmine on the nose – plenty of spice and citrus intertwined. On the palate the wine has fine tannins from the skin contact, with a long dry finish. For food pairings we recommend Asian orientated cuisine such as Indian or Thai curry dishes as the wine complements the spice, heat and fragrant flavours. Drink now – this is a no sulphur wine not intended for long ageing. 12.5% ABV