Silwervis Wines

This is where it all began for us. Sparked by a flash of inspiration for Michael Roets at the Swartland Revolution event in 2010, it was obvious something special was in the air. At that event he purchased  something so unusual at the time, concrete tank in the shape of an egg. Wine was either made in oak barrels or stainless steel! That egg was more than just a very strange tank it was a concrete representation of a whole ethos. The idea of showcasing two vineyards, one red one white as honestly and purely as possible. This is what the Silwervis are. 

Silwervis Chenin Blanc 2012
Silwervis Chenin Blanc 2015
Winemaking Notes Planted in 1964 on the valley floor of the Siebritskloof, this is a certified Old Vine heritage vineyard. A vineyard site sheltered from both wind and sun, planted and rooted in deep alluvial soil. For the Silwervis White we aim for a bottling that carries the raw and true identity of Paardeberg Chenin Blanc from a great vineyard. This particular old vine site is farmed in full collaboration with a great grower and vini fied with full respect and reverence for the vineyard. The vineyard is a distinctive, later ripening site that gives a sense of tightly wound yet generous concentration. Harvest is done by hand and the grapes are pressed and vini fied in a 670l Nomblot concrete egg and left undisturbed for 12 months. The shape of the egg allows for constant yet gentle movement of the juice with the solids. The juice is then transferred to stainless steel tank to naturally settle before bottling. Made simply in the pursuit of a pure, focused Paardeberg Chenin. Tasting Notes The nose presents with grapefruit pith, lemon rind, fennel and clove spice notes and high notes of musk, jasmine and lilac. The texture of the wine is rounded, weighty but delicate with a saline, mineral and honey characteristic. The palate has hints of winter spices of ginger, cinnamon and long finish of fruit driven flavours of citrus, apricot and raw almond waxyness. Drink now until 2030. Best paired with fresh salads, tapas style meals of olives, charcuterie, and cheeses or light meat dishes such as chicken, pork and pastas. Decanting this wine prior to drinking is recommended, or open the bottle and watch the wine open and change over 3-4 days.
Silwervis Chenin Blanc 2017
Silwervis Cinsault 2014
Silwervis Cinsault 2016
Silwervis Chenin Blanc 2014
Silwervis Chenin Blanc 2016
Silwervis Cinsault 2013
Silwervis Cinsault 2015
Silwervis Cinsault 2017